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True course

True course at the year 1550.

This old course was found among church documents at Skálaholt, written up by one bishop after the other, dating 1541 to 1548, the bishop at that time was Mr. Gissur Einarsson.  The church had a ship sailing from Iceland over to Old Greenland to collect taxes  as did the many monasteries and rich families, harvesting the riches of the land.  This document is very tricky to understand and translate, most likely translated originaly from latin.

The heading of the documents reades.  "  This is the right course to Greenland as written down by our predecessors."   

" In primis, from Stadarmuli (Iceland), slightly true west, that will take you to Vatnsnes(watercape) in Greenland, there currents affect you the least and you avoid suctions and fallen waves, as they hit the front starboard side;  then you should have two parts of ocean to Ireland and the third part to Iceland.  If conditions are such that the visibility is clear and weather good, the course is right west, so as to see Snæfellsnes glacier (Iceland) in north east from Iceland and Hvítserk (Whitegiant) in Greenland in north west."

Her the referance point can be no other than Hvarf in south Herjólfsnes to have Hvítserk in north west and Snæ- fellsnes glacier in Iceland at north east and Ireland to the east.

When sailing from Iceland and west the referance point in front after three days was Bláserkur (Bluegiant).  A line from Iceland or to Iceland on 45 degrees north east to and 225 degrees south west from Iceland is a line from Iceland and down to the southern tip of Herjólfsnes (Danish Greenland).  The distance  is 1.235 km.

A line drawn 225 degrees from this point is north west and will take you to Hvítserk (Whitegiant). From this point at the south tip of Herjólfsnes to Hvítserk on Eiriksey (Icelandic Greenland) is a distance of 1.230 km.

The distance from Iceland to Ireland is 1.250 km and the heading is south west and they way back is north east

The distance from Ireland to the southern tip of Herjólfsnes (Danish Greenland) is 2.350 km, or as indicated above, two parts of ocean to Ireland and the third to Iceland.  The heading is solar west or east.

This reference point at south Herjólfsnes has to be Hvarf ( to disapear).

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