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The old manuscripts preserve the first notion of trading in the New World.  Her Þorfinn Karlsefni is introduced as a very rich mercant from Iceland arriving at Eiriksey to Erik the Red early in the settlement process but it is in the Vinland voyage number four we see what the trading is all about.  What the settlers see of interest is all the fure the local Indian group had to offer, what the local Indian group see of interest is the wepons the settlers had on them.  It is Þorfinn Karlsefni that introduced iron to the New World Indians and gives a demonstration on how to use an ax.  This wepon in Indian hands is best known as the tomahawk and the entry point into the New World is via Vinland.  Contrary to the story where Karlsefni prohibits the trading of arms for fure and gives the Indians milk and red cloathing to there anger.  The Icelandic settlers must have seen that by proviting the locals with knives, spears and axes, more fure would come out of the bartering process, in the long run.  Have the local Indians do all the hunting and trapping, that is the easy and safe way of trading.

The early settlement only tells of Indians in the early years but do not mention Inuits.  The reasion for this could be the different clothing selected .  This could mean that the Inuits had local beast skin on and the settlers misidentified them as local animal.  The manuscripts indicate that the settlers where on the watch when up north as they saw ruins of prior precence of people, the Inuit, but seeing them was hard as if the earth had eaten them.

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