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 Arcadians are both English Normanns and France Normandy Normanns.  It will surprise many to learn of the many Jews that became involved with the Normanns and Normann activity in England and France over to Spain.  The expulsion of the Jews out of England in the year 1290 created a large wave of Jews Arcadians over to Ruen in Normandy.  By 1306 a new wave of Jews found them Arcadians out of France, many went over to Flanderns and many rich ones over to the Spanish territory of the Basque. 

When the Pope took on the  Order Knight Templars by arresting all the top men in 1307 a new wave of Arcadians was on the run, close to 5000 Templars and 10.000. Jews.  Many of the Templars went over to England and Scotland, many went over to Spain and Portugal, where the banner of the Templars got Refuge and the remaining brothers got a new name for the Order and new residence at Tomar.

At 1350 the Normandy Arcadians both France and Jews had settled  at Herjólfsnes in Danish Greenland and managed to dissturbe the peace over there and the operation of the church.  It must have been hard for the remaining Templar brothers to swallow the fact of justice from the Pope and the Catholic churce they fought for in the name of Jesus Christ for centuries.

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