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The introduction of monasteries into the history of old Greenland is woven into the development of Christianity from the Heathen religion and has some strange mystic to it. Connected to live after death, for the strong heathen belivers,  was the inheritance of the land and property, going to the eldest son.  The old heathen belivers wanted most of all to be killed in a battle of some kind and end up in the warriors paradise, the Valhalla.  The only thing they feard the most was to die silently of old age, not reaching the palace of the famous, killed in battle.  In some places Icelandic priests of Christianity came up with a solutions to this fear of death, by setting up the house of transition to heven, for the dead one to visit from above, to see to the riches, the old men left behinde.

  The monastery became this house of transition where the dying one was promished a long lasting songs of salms, to keep the soul at rest and in peace, in the body, for ever to come.  No more travel after death.  No more dead walking to scare the living.  On the death bed the monk of the monastery listened to the stories told by the individual of famous journies and had that written down on skin, just as Jesus did in the Bible.

One of the best kept seacrets of old Greenland is that of the Monastery of ST.Thomas at Herjólfsnes, owned by the Hospitallers of St. Thomas of Canterbury at Acre, better known as the Knighs of St. Thomas.  The Order was formed in the year 1191, had its headquarters in London and outposts in Acre and Nicosia.  The Orders protector  and ideol was the Holy Tomas Becket born in London in 1118 and killed in the Canterbury church in 1170.  Tomas Becket was a France Normann with his parents living in Rouen in Normandy.

  The death of Thomas Becket created large group of belivers in England, Normandy, Iceland and old Greenland.  The Order had the special task of collecting  up bodies in the various Crusades in the Promished Land, from the other Orders, the Knight Templars of France and the Teutonic Knights of Germany, sing salms over the bodies and burry them with respect in the name of Jesus Christ.  The Order had also another purpose, to make money collections to pay ransome for brothers of the other two Orders , taken prisoner by the Infedel.  The Order runs into finace problems in the year 1307 and turns to the Knight Templars of France for support and buyout of the Order.  When this becomes known to the Pope and the King of France the Grandmaster of the Order is taken prisoner together with most of the high ranking Templars.  

Not known to many was the secret connection the two Orders had to the Jewis community of the time.  In the year 1290 the English order the expulsion of the Jews from England, that flee over to Rouen in Normandy, in the year 1306 the King of France orders the expulsion of the Jews out of France and some 15000 people become Arcadian, with 5000 Knight Templars soon joining the Jews as refugees in 1314.  

The Þingeyrar monastery is the oldest one formed in the year 1112, followed by Helgafell monastery in 1172.  Videy monastery started in the year 1225.  Hítarnes monastery started in 1166 but stoped operation the year they lost there Greenland trade ship in 1266 that broke of shore of Hítarnes with goods still floating onshore, like tusks in 2012.  The monasteries whare autonomus, had there own ships in operation as to fishing and trading.  Had over the years been given the harvesting rights of many landowners, to operate and look after the land, entrusted to them by donation.  

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