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To better understand what happens the second year of discovery the departure point is from Eiriksey alias Grocelant, an Island in the middle of Eiriksfjorden, as to the Mercator map of 1569.  There are two ships in operation this year, the one of Eirkis the Red, who decides to sail  a journey of discovery to the south to investigate the land Bjarni Hejrólfsson had discoverd the year before.  Bjarni and Leif Eiriksson take on the journey to the north and cross from Eiriksey and over to the land given the name Helluland, they follow the land to the west untill hit by bad wether from the north-east blowing them in the fjord to the south-west until the hit up on an Island full with Eder ducks, so many that they could hardly walk the Island due to nesting ducks.  This Island gets the name of Straumey or Current Island, this will be the first base refered to as Leifsbudir, with a cairn on top of the Island..  This base is then moved to the mainland east of Straumey and the land given the name Markland.  The base Leifsbúdir is now moved from Straumey and over to the lake  given the name Hóp, they erect a big cairn on the Island close to the southern shore, today Cairn Island.  From this base the discovery continues south west into a bay given the name Agnafjord, ( Agn-bait) and the land they call Vinland due to all the rivers running into the fjord/bay.    The next year they return to Eiriksey.  The third year Eirik the Red sails up the west coast of Eiriksey and circumnavigates his Island, as far north as Snæfell/Snow mountain in the bottom of Eiriksfjorden.  This area in the northernbottom, becomes the secret hunting grounds they call Nordurseta and the Islands Krosseyjar/Cross Islands. 

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