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The Investigation

Investigating the story.

This investigation into the story starts in the year 985 and is a story into the matters relating to Icelandic Greenland or Old Greenland, a story very different then that of the Danish Greenland and the connections to Norway under the rule of the Catholic religion.

From the year 1550 the rule of the Danish Crown over Iceland was enforced, but the rule of Greenland was hidden in clouds of fog and mist, as the Danish Crown was not sure where Greenland was and how to sail to that mystical place.  As to the Icelanders they kept quiet about there interests in the Icelandic colony, having not forgotten the ban of Norway in 1348, on all trade and commerce, to there own land.

The last document found in Iceland concerning Old Greenland was a document of marriage presented to the church in Iceland as a proof of inheritance.  This was in the year of 1424.

There is a strange document dated 1484 from Bergen, Norway, telling of the murder of the last crew members  out from Old Greenland, all killed by German Hanseatic traders.

The Danish Crown had some bad treasury problems in 1550 and big depts due to wars on all sides and needed money fast and a solutions to that problem.  From Norway came the idea of taxing Iceland and fetch money to the Icelandic colony Greenland, and so they did.  Greenland however they could not reach and settle until 1721, using 15 attempts in 205 years,  that started in the year 1516.

Investigating all relevant documents in order to understand why the Danish authority came to the conclusion of having the eastern settlement of Greenland in south Danish Greenland can be traced to a letter found in Norway,: The description of Greenland by Ivar Bardarson.  His description of Greenland is highly confusing but can be excused with the following words from the letter,:  All this was told to us by Ivar Bardarson that was employed by the bishop of Gardar for many years.  This is an invitation to misunderstanding over what Ivar had to say.  Never more obvious than in naming the fjords, given by Eirik the Red ,to his crewmembers.

When the Danish Crown confiscated the Videy monastery and the Helgafell monastery, little did they know what was installed in property rights each monastery,  having accepted by donations,  from many rich families.  116 farms in the case of Videy monastery and one of the donations was from the family of Herjólfur Bárdarson, the Vogar farm at Reykjanes and with it the land Herjólfur had discoverd, Herjólfsnes, alias Danish Greenland.

The Helgafell monastery had accepted around 160 farms around Snæfellsnes and Breidafjord and over to Hornstrandir.  One of the donations was from the family of Eirik the Red in Iceland and with it the land he had discovered, Eiriksey in Eiriksfjord, alias Icelandic Greenland.

Icelandic Greenland and Danish Greenland form the Eastern Settlement,  Greenlands Eystribyggð.  The other half of Old Greenland was Vestribyggð or the Western settlement, alias Helluland, Markland and Vinland, still to be settleed by pioners,  and that is the surprise of this story.

When the King of Denmark took by force or confiscated the properties, belonging to the monasteries by donations of the dead, he became the biggest grave robber in the history of Iceland.  This was in the year of 1550 the formal ending of the catholic faith in Iceland and the change over to the protestant religion.



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