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.  This is a journey log to find back old Greenland or Icelandic Greenland.  The departure location is near to the old monastery at Helgafell close to the town of Stykkishólmur, not so far from there, is the Island of Brokey, owned by Eirik the Red and his family.

The first part of the voyage is to stear solar west using the glacier Snæfell ontop of the volcan with the same name, untill we she the mountain range glacier range Blueserk apear in front of us on the land refered to as Gunnbjarnarsker and follow that land to the southern tip, sail beond that point to the cairn at Herjólfsnes.  Close by is a safe harbour and a fresh water lake.  This land Herjólfsnes was taken by Herjólfur Bárdarson to settle.

The second part of the voyage is to use the mountain Hvarf as a referance beacon in sailing north west untill we see the high glacier Hvítserk in front of us, on the Island of Eiriksey in the middle of Eiriksfjorden.  We will follow the shoreline to the west, one cairn after the other until we see the small mountain Brattahlíd, almost identical to the mountain in Iceland, Helgafell an old heaten religious place of burrial.  We are now in the heart of old Greenland and have made the discovery of the Icelandic Eastern Settlement.   This Island Eiriksey was taken by Eirik the Red to settle.

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