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The history of old Greenland by premise of old manuscripts.

Old Greenland was settled by Icelanders as indicated by old Icelandic Sagas.  This was the first and only colony Icelanders had in the New World.  My knowledge of old Greenland started in the Commercial Collage of Iceland.  I selected this mysterious land to write an essay:, The Commercial story of old Greenland.  A feeling evoked to find out what had happened to the Icelandic settlers that vanished from the face of the earth and disappeared.  My sources to the story, I got from my parents bookshelf´s, The Icelandic Sagas.  From the Sagas, I found out about the beginning, but no indications of the end of the colony.  Other sources I got from Denmark, the Danish had borrowed from Iceland, and translated over to Danish.  At that time, I did not expect, that I was about to take a journey to old Greenland, under the rule of the Danish, with my Icelandic Sagas under the arm, to discover that the Danish understanding of the Sagas, did not make any sense to me, over there.  It was at that point I started investigating the History of old Greenland by premise of old manuscripts , in the Icelandic language.  This is my story of a voyage to find back old Greenland, the settlement of Eric the Red, in the New World, as a captain on aircrafts, helicopters and smaller ships, and my name is Gudbrandur Jonsson.  The picture is from the cairn at Herjólfsnes, the first part of the old settlement.

Greenland, the land of pioneers, with no experience.

Greenland was a name given to the new land, by Eric  the Red, as a challenge to new settlers to move over there.  All those that visit the land will see nothing but gray and white colors 9 months out of the year.  It is my opinion that the name is a sign for pioneering settlers with little or no experience, as the Icelandic language refers to pioneers with no expericne, as being green, and the land they settled, Greenland.  The land of pioneers.

Cairns on the western shore.

The first thing catching my eye, when flying helicopters over the land, was the many carins up and down the coastline.  This became the starting point of investigation, on carin´s, and I managed to convince the grandfather to my Inuit daughter, to call up old Inuit friends, to ask if this was the work of Inuit´s or some others.  Cairns of the same type I knew from Iceland.  All the old Inuit´s contacted, pointed to the Icelandic settlers, as having erected the cairns, as it was not the practice of Inuit´s to erect cairns, on there journey´s.  This was my starting point in cairn´s investigation, moving toward the west, using these old erected cairns, to trace and track, my Icelandic settlers into the New World, with adventures results. 

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