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By the second year of excile Bjarni Herjólfsson arrives at Brattahlíð to Eirik and his family informing of the lands discovered the summer before when enroute to find his father west of Iceland.  From the story we learn that Leif Eiriksson baught the ship from Bjarni with Snorri Þorbrandsson as pilot.  As the story will tell us Eirik the Red crosses over the Straumfjörd to the west to discover the lands Bjarni had detected the year before but Leif Eiriksson and Bjarni Herjólfsson are sent on the voyage to the north.  When up at Króksfjörd they kross the mouth of that fjord and continue west to the land now given the name Helluland, the meaning of the word could be flattland.  The land is to the right with sandy shores as long as the eye can see, until they end up on a big Island given the name Straumey (straumur is current) with this description,  " there where so many eider ducks on the Island nesting, that they could hardly walk over the Island."  On this Island they set up the first base, Leifsbudir. 

The next spring they move the camp to the east up a river into a lake they called Hópe with the permanent base moved over to the Island close to the southern shore and set up the permanent base Leifsbudir and the land they now call Markland.  It is from this base the wander to the south to discover Vinland.  The nexe year the continue the journey with the land to the right until they end up at Straumfjördur seeing land on the other side the know from the year before.  Eiriksey.  The ocean they have been traveling around is now given the name The Greenlandic ocean, a very large ocean with a strange twist to it,  it is a big ocean with tidal currents to it.  "Úthaf innfallanda", as described in one of the manuscripts.   

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