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Finding Old Greenland sounds easy, you just sail west until you hit the land in front of you, takes about three day´s but enrout you have strong current from the north about 3 to 4 kn an hour.  The usual wind is also from the north about 20 to 30 kn an hour, that wind is a very strong wind for a one mast sailboat.  What you will most likely confront is big icebergs, many small and many very big, bigger than the boat.  On a bad day you can end up in a black fog and no wind for many days and on a bad day the current is 3 to 4 kn from north to south, bending to the north once you are at the tip of this new land.   Finding out where you are is a tricky task for any navigator if you don´t see land or the sun.  

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