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The Duke of Normandy known as Rollo is better known in Iceland as Göngu Hrólfur in the old manuscripts.  He had most of his family members in South and West Iceland and some in Norway.  This connection to Normandy was an on going matter, if not direct then via Bristol in England.  The English and France had an ongoing power struggle starting in the year of invation from 1066.  Inbound trade to Normandy was via France Flanders with iron tools and ships going outbound to Iceland and old Greenland.  Normandy was contracted to the Normanns from the King of France and when Rollo married into the Kingdom of Brittany, large part of France was under Normann control.  There is an old trade connection between Bristol, Brittany, Normandy and Navarra in Spain better known as the Basque territory.   This was the mercenary crusade route against the Moors.  Navarra and the Basque territory was also famous for shipbulding and even more famous for the production of iron tools of all sorts.

Like shadows in the dark are the financers of wars and war material at the time not seen until the year 1290 with the expulsion of the Jews out of England, some 10.000.- of them became refuges to Ruen in Normandy, all is well in Ruen and Normandy untill the year of 1304 when the King of France decides to expell the Jews out of France.  In the year 1307 the King of France and the pope turn on the Order of the Knight Templars and now we see the connection between the Knight Templars and the Jews.  Some 15000 Jews and 5000 Knight Templars are now Arcadians without living conditions, some run to Flanders, some run to the Orkney´s and some run to Navarra Spain.  In the year 1314 a major famine hits France with devastating results for the people of France. 

Some of these arcadians are transported over to Herjólfsnes in Danish Greenland, close to 5000 of them, the house ruins can still be seen.  This is a new era for the development of old Greenland in trade and commerce into Europe of the time.  This is also the time of the Basque connection for trade into Spain from old Greenland, this is also the time when the newcommers turn against the Christian church in old Greenland in 1342 and the news hits the pope himself.

In the autum of 1307 the Knight Templar fleet of 13 ships disapeared from the harbour of La-Rochell in France, never to be seen again.  10 of these ships belonged to mercants of old Greenland.

In the year 1412, 20 ships from the Basque territory of Navarra harbour at Grundarfjord in Iceland on there way to old Greenland to return to the land of the Basque in the autum with all the fourtunes of riches found in old Greenland.

In the year 1492 we see history repeat itself with the expulsion of the Jews out of Spain, with 20 ships to there disposal, it is easy to predict where the went to.

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