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The old manuscript account of the four years of excile for Eirik the Red and his family are given in the following manner after the arrival at Eiriksey.

     " He was the first winter at Eiriksey.  The next spring he settled down at Eiriksey.  That summer he went over to the Western Settlement, (uninhabited land) and spent a long time over there.  He gave name to many places.  He was the second winter at Eirikshólmum (small Islands) under the mountain Hvarfsgnúpi(Hvarfsgnípu).  The third summer he went all the way north to Snjófell(Snow mountain) and into Hrafnsfjord, some books mention Hafursfjord (Goatfjord).  He at that point considered himself of beeing at the bottom of Eiriksfjorden."  Someone has written on the old manuscript ( this is hard to understand).  He then returns and spent the third winter at Eiriksey at the mouth of Eiriksfjorden."

There is a map at the back of these writings, in the background.  The Western Settlement is to the left,  Eiriksey is at the top center, in the middle of Eiriksfjorden with Herjólfsnes to the right.

The third summer Eirik the Red leaves Brattahlid that is on the south west corner of his Island and sail up north, following the shoreline until up at a narrove sound given the name Króksfjördur(Detourfjord) and the land to the left Króksfjardarnes(nes-cape) and the land given the name Helluland by Leif Eiriksson and Bjarni Herjólfsson the summer before.  They sail through the narrov sound and up to a fjord that took them a very long time to sail and row out until land was seen at the opening or at the mouth of the fjord, on these grounds this fjord was given the name, the Fjord longer than all of them,  Fjördurinn öllum lengri.   At the mouth of the fjord they see a big mountain all white and call it Snjófell ( Snow mountain) and belive now they are at the bottom of Eiriksfjorden.  They follow the land to the right and continue the journey south and into Hrafnsfjord, fjord given to one of the crew members Hrafn.  It is now that Eirik the Red and the crew see all the wonders of the land all sorts of whales, polarbears in great numbers, sea birds of all shorts nesting, the hunters paradise.  This becomes the southern part of the hunters paradise Nordurseta and all the Islands north they call Krosseyjar (Cross Islands).  At this point they see ruins of people they dont see, some young and others rather old.

This Northern Paradise was by some called Greenlands northerly pier into Nordurseta, a very dangerous place to be in.

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