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The course by Eirik

The course taken by  Eirik the Red in 985/86.

The only information Eirik had was that from Gunnbjörn when he on his way to Iceland from Norway managed to wander west of Iceland and hit into unknown land he refered to as Gunnbjarnarsker, sker is a name given to small Islands ,so Gunnbjörn must have been in low clouds and fog most of time , not seeing the big glacier land.

The sailing instruction to Old Greenland had to come when Eirik came back to Iceland after the four years/winters of excile.  With him out the fifth year where some 25 to 35 ships following him on the course to be named efter him as Eiriksstefna or as, The heading of Eirik the Red.   These are the instructions.

"     Three days of sailing west from Snæfellsnesgalacier until you see land in stern,  Blueserk."

There is one more version given as a description in The Karlsefni Saga, Hauksbók and The Greenland Annals.

"  Eirik navigated out from Snæfellsnes glacier and arrived at the glacier by the name of Blueserk.  But Whiteserk is a name given to a bird collony at a cliff in landnorth(north east), an ocean in landnorth, that is confusing many now and has done so, as many exampels given and there maps show."  The Island north east of Iceland is Jan Mayen, the bird colony.

This little piece of information in Hauksbók, " he sailed west beyond Hvarf".  The name Hvarf means to disapear.  In Icelandic the ship goes further than Hvarf and disapeared.  Hvarf is then the high mountain called Arskuk in south Herjólfsnes (Danish Greenland).  There is a big cairn ontop of that mountain that can be seen from a long distance.  Truly a big navigation sign in old times. 

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