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Christianity era

Two women are the first individuals of Christianity in old Greenland, Þjódhildur wife to Eirik the Red and Gudridur wife to Þorfinn Karlsefni, Gudridur is also famous for her visit to Rome shortly after the year 1000.  The person said to have brought Christianity to old Greenland by law is Leif Eiriksson for the King of Norway.  In the year 1025 Pope Johannes the 19th has the Church of Greenland under the control of Unwan of Hamburg.  This was to be the line of orders from Rome to old Greenland.  Rome over to Hamburg, over to Bergen, Norway, over to Skálaholt, Iceland over to old Greenland, the Icelandic colony.  It apears as if old Greenland got his first Bishop in the year 1021 as told in the Einar Sokkason Saga.  All is normal in old Greenland until the year 1342 in matters of Christianity, then something strange happened.  The inhabitants of old Greenland reverse from the Christian faith.   

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