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About the project

The project.

This project is a journey to Old Greenland, to investigate some old manuscripts and try trace down the settlers by their own habits of piling upp stone cairns, as they went along the coast.  Each cairn had a special meaning and a purpose in the heathen religion of that time.  

In this project I reconstruct the chronology of ship movements from day one in the summer of 985 and over the first four years the new settlers where making discovery in the New World.  This I do by the number of pilots given in the manuscripts, one pilot, one ship.  I then have each ship move around as indicated in each manuscript.

In doing so severe discriptencies where discovered in the Danish version of the Eastern Settlement.

The interactions of the two sons came as a surprise,  Leif, the son of Eirik the Red and Bjarni, the son of Herjólfur Bárdarson, with Bjarni arriving to his father a few months later in or at winter´s time.

Leif Eiriksson was part of his father´s crew from the start out of Iceland in the year 985 and was with him all the four years of exile.  By following the pilot of each ship I see that the pilot of the ship bringing Bjarni Herjólfsson to his father was given land by Eirik the Red at Eiriksey in the middle of Eiriksfjorden and the ship followed him, having the two sons together in the discovery of Helluland, Markland and Vinland.

It was crucial to have the starting point at the right place for the voyage out of Brattahlíd and into the new lands when sailing to the west.

The third pilot and the third ship can be no other than that used by Herjólfur Bárdarson and I suspect this ship to be to and from Iceland during the four summers of exile.

It is the intention of this work to trace, track and tell, the maritime history of Icelanders, sailing to the Arctic and the New World.


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