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About the manuscripts

The old manuscripts.

The history of old Greenland or ancient Greenland, is formed into many manuscripts and annals in Icelandic, dating from the year 985 to 1550.  The involvement of old Greenland in these manuscripts is sometimes only, came from Greenland or vent to Greenland, as a part of a longer story from Iceland, with stories of Icelanders.

The historical connections with Iceland, over to old Greenland, span the southern coast of Iceland, Faxaflói, Borgarfjördur, Breidafjördur, Vesternfjörds, Húnaflói, over to Eyjafjördur, in central north Iceland.  The early historical connections tell of about 25 to 35 ships leaving from Icelandic settlements over to old Greenland, some made it over, some returned and some became missing.  It apears as all major family clans sent a ship to take part in the settlement project.  A large fleet by any standards.

The earliest historical telling of a land to the vest of Iceland start with stories of ship´s being lost in fog and bad weather, even calm winds.  These stories become the basis of expelling the outlaw Eiric the Red out of Iceland and have him search for unknown lands for 4 years from 985/6 to 899/990.

The manuscripts and stories are close to 30 in preservation and start in the years as follows.

The Story of white peoples land.  The Story of Gunnbjarnarsker.  The Story of Krosseyjar(Kross Islands).  The Settlement Story of Iceland.  The Story of Eric the Red.  The Story of Þorfinn Karlsefni.  The Eyrbyggja Saga.  The Flóamanna Saga.  The Olafs Tryggvasonar Saga.  The Fóstbrædrasaga.  The Skálda-Helga Saga.  The Story of Þrándur from Upplöndum.  The Audun Vestfirski Saga.  The Líka-Lodinn Saga,(Lík, a corps).  The Einar Sokkason Saga.  The Annals.  The Saga of the Greenlanders.

About 11 manuscripts deal with stories believed to be novels, as they are out of all reasion and meaning, in Danish Greenland, but once set in the right context in the area of Icelandic Greenland, they start making sense and meaning.  Then there is the doctorat essay by Ólafur Haraldsson on the Annals of Greenland from 1978.

Grönlands Historiske Mindesmærker, 3 volumes of information on Greenland, issued 1838 to 1845, in Denmark.  This work is for me an investigation into all matters on old Greenland, loaded with valuble information, some never seen before or published.  This work was published in Icelandic and Danish, only.

The last information into the matters on old Greenland can be traced to the Monastery of Helgafell, near Stykkishólmur, at Breidarfjördur.  All the properties of the family of Eiric the Red where given to that Monastery and listed there, when that house of religion was closed by the King of Denmark in 1548.  At this time the first mention is given of an old monk from the Monastery of ST. Thomas in Greenland.  This small piece of information became an investigation into Icelandic and foreign monasteries in the 550 year history of the Catholic Church in Iceland, Greenland and Europe.  The Monastery of Videy near Reykjavik was listed as the property owner of all lands and rights belonging to the family of Herjólfur Bárdarson at the close of that monastery in 1550.  The secrets hidden inside the walls of these two monasteries was immense.

All matters on old Greenland fall to rest in the year 1550, at the collapse of the Catholic monasteries in Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Denmark,  England and Normandy in France, and with it the many secrets of property rights and trade secrets,  belonging to the two Monasteries at Helgafell and Videy.

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